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Jessica Lantz, Morgan Ferretti & Alanna Whitfield


Have you been using online discussion boards and are ready to learn more about effectively utilizing this learning activity in your course? In this virtual workshop, participants will explore research-based best practices for designing asynchronous discussions that align with course learning objectives. 

Participants will learn to set up and facilitate ‘productive online discussion’ – asynchronous discussion where students are engaging in a meaningful exchange of ideas in an effort to solve a ‘problem’ aligned to course learning outcomes (Verenikina, Jones, & Delahunty, 2017).

Verenikina, I., Jones, P. T. & Delahunty, J. (2017). The Guide to Fostering Asynchronous Online Discussion in Higher Education. Available from: www.fold.org.au/docs/TheGuide_Final.pdf.



Participants will

  • Identify strategies for writing discussion board prompts that align with course learning objectives
  • Evaluate best practices for facilitating asynchronous online discussions
  • Describe strategies for engaging students in meaningful and productive online discussions

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This is a virtual workshop. The meeting link and password will be sent in the registration and reminder emails to all enrolled participants. The email will come from LibCal.

Thursday, January 28, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Registration is required. There are 23 seats available.

Event Organizer

Jess Lantz