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Make Your Own Sticker Workshop


Jared Wark


In this “Make & Take” workshop, participants will learn how to begin making custom vinyl stickers from scratch. This hands-on program will cover the process from beginning to end, including the creation or conversion of images in Adobe Illustrator, sending the design to the Graphtec or Cricut cutter/plotter machines, weeding the vinyl, and transferring the sticker to a new surface. 

This experience will enable and empower participants to begin making their own simple stickers and will provide the basic foundation of skills which can be used as the basis for creating more complex or multicolored designs. Bring your ideas and be ready to make!


  • Provide participants with a basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of consumer and professional cutter/plotter equipment
  • Give participants the knowledge and confidence to use JMU Libraries makeries’ equipment for course materials and personal projects
  • Offer examples of what makes a good design for use with heat-transfer or adhesive vinyl and suggest resources for optimizing and adapting existing designs.


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Monday, March 2, 2020
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Rose Makery (First Floor)
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