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Jessica Lantz


Contact Jessica at Lantzjl@jmu.edu to schedule a one-on-one consultation on this topic at a time that suits your schedule. The event time and date for this "workshop" are just placeholders.

Learn some new tools and strategies that welcome students to share their knowledge, discuss topics, and collaborate on assignments in your classes. Let’s explore some options beyond the Canvas discussion board! 

Participants will practice using several online tools for discussion and collaboration, with the goal of creating a plan to use appropriate tools in their own classes. Participants will also explore research grounded best practice strategies for engaging students in discussion and project collaboration.


During this consultation session, participants will:

  • Practice communicating and collaborating using Padlet, Google Slides, Flipgrid, and/or Thinglink
  • Learn how to set up each of these tools for successful use in courses
  • Identify best practice strategies for implementing discussion and collaborative tools in face to face and online courses
  • Develop a plan for utilizing appropriate communication and collaboration tools in their courses
Friday, May 1, 2020
1:00pm - 4:00pm
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Jess Lantz